Update version 2.0

Explore the latest updates to Weploy.ai, including enhanced translation features and new admin capabilities. Learn how clients like Marriott and Monis.rent are utilizing these tools for global success.

Apr 22, 2024



New Version 2.0

Weploy.ai, your trusted website translation service, is excited to announce significant updates designed to enhance your experience and streamline website localization. Let’s dive into the improvements and the promising features on the horizon.

Highlights of this update:

  • New Integration with loading state.
  • Timeless Translation switch redesign
  • New Clients

Enhanced Weploy Script

The Weploy script has always been at the heart of our service, making website translation seamless and efficient. With this update, we're introducing several key enhancements:

  • New Language Switcher: We've added a user-friendly language switcher that's simple to integrate into your website. This not only improves user accessibility but also displays a loading indicator, enhancing the user experience by keeping them informed of the loading process.
New switch icon
  • Improved Language Selection: We also added a new dropdown witch can be integrated in any position on your website. It also loads instantly since it sits inside your HTML.
New language dropdown
  • Improved Language Detection and Loading Speed: Visitors will now experience faster loading times on their first visit, thanks to enhanced language detection capabilities. This update ensures that the language best suited to each user is detected and loaded more swiftly, improving the overall browsing experience.
  • Discontinuation of the NPM Package: We've made a strategic decision to discontinue the NPM package temporarily. Due to frequent updates to our backend aimed at enhancing performance, maintaining backward compatibility with the NPM package has become challenging. This ensures that our users always have access to the latest and most efficient features without the need for manual updates.

Revamped Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard is where you control and customize the translation features of your website. In this update, we've introduced:

  • Automatic Browser Language Detection: Our new feature automatically detects the visitor’s browser language and translates the website accordingly. This means a more personalized browsing experience for every visitor, right from their first interaction.
  • Exclude Content Classes: For more tailored translation exclusions, such as chatbots, comment sections, and booking forms, you can now specify classes to be excluded from translation. Simply add the class "weploy-exclude" to your HTML, or specify additional classes directly in the dashboard.
  • Customizable Language Switcher Color: Enhance the look of your website by customizing the color of the language switcher icon directly from the dashboard, ensuring it aligns with your brand’s aesthetic.

High-Profile Clients Using Weploy.ai

We are proud to announce that prestigious clients are now using Weploy.ai to enhance their global communications:

  • Marriott: The renowned hospitality giant is translating an internal staff application using Weploy.ai, aiming to streamline operations and improve engagement with employees worldwide.
  • Monis.rent: This globally operating rental business has integrated Weploy.ai into its customer-facing booking system, making it easier for users from different linguistic backgrounds to access their services. Explore their site here: Monis.rent.

Technical Improvements

We are continuously working to improve the technical backbone of Weploy.ai, ensuring it is robust and efficient:

  • Temporary Discontinuation of the NPM Package: As mentioned, we are halting the distribution of our NPM package until the release of version 3.0, which will include significant changes to improve functionality.
  • Upgraded Server Infrastructure: Our Redis server is now hosted on a dedicated server in Germany, equipped with 20GB of RAM, which allows for faster translation loading times in Europe. Additionally, a second server has been established in Singapore. Premium customers will soon have the option to choose their preferred server location for storing translations, enhancing speed and compliance with local data regulations.

What’s Next?

Looking ahead, Weploy.ai is committed to continuously refining our service:

  • Translation Quality Enhancement: We are developing new AI capabilities to swap text more contextually within translations, aiming for even higher accuracy and naturalness in translated content.
  • Indexing of Translated Pages: We are evaluating methods to allow indexing of translated content to improve SEO. Potential solutions include setting up a reverse proxy to serve translated static pages or optimizing our script to ensure translations are indexed once fully loaded.

At Weploy.ai, we are dedicated to making website translation as effortless and effective as possible. These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with the best tools to serve your global audience. Stay tuned for more enhancements, and as always, we value your feedback and look forward to helping your business succeed on a global scale.